Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Take a Walk on the Wild Side   Emma J Shipley from Clarke & Clarke Take a walk on the wild side with Emma J Shipley’s captivating range of fabrics, wallpapers, bedding and home accessories. Made in collaboration with Clarke & Clarke, this imaginative collection is truly inspired by the beauty of nature. It features an array of striking… Read More »

De Clutter Bug

De Clutter Bug How to…  Declutter your living space Do you suffer from the dread clutterbug? Do you start off meaning well and being super organised but before you know your inner clutterbug has taken over? Don’t stress the clutter bug can be beaten here’s how… Here are our top tips to declutter home or… Read More »

How To Measure For Blinds

6 minute read

We get asked all the time how to measure for blinds. Here’s Shona with a quick “How to”…

Get back to your roots

Get back to your roots by embracing earth tones in your home Earth tones provide a relaxing and nurturing contrast to the shiny, metallic finishes that are part of technology and modernity. Many of us think that in order for our homes to be inviting everything has to be slick and chic. At Bespoke Design and interiors we feel that it’s time… Read More »

Get the cottagecore look in your home

Get the cottagecore look in your home With us spending more time at home than ever in the past 18 months (thanks COVID!) people have retreated to activities and trends that that pay homage to simpler times like baking and crocheting. This is has let to a new trend in home décor and interior design.… Read More »

Styling Out Your Video Call

Styling Out Your Video Call The ongoing COVID-19 situation has many more people working from home than ever before, leading companies to use web conference platforms as their primary means of communication between employees. And as the UK is on lockdown 3.0 with social distancing measures in place, even spending time with family and friends… Read More »

Living Space Just For You

Living Space Just For You The living room is like a stage of one's home, and when anyone comes over to the house, they have to be a host and have to invite them in so that the guests can have a great time, and for that, ambience matters, and for that, appearance does. Presenting… Read More »

Upcycling Trends

Upcycling Trends How to upcycle furniture Upcycling vintage or discarded furniture and giving it a new life is having a revival. People are becoming disillusioned with the poor quality of new, consumer goods and looking to find more viable alternatives. Getting your hands on the quality vintage pieces is now much more fashionable than purchasing… Read More »



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